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Maybe we will see the “Folmar O” – whatever that might be.
I think AC mostly sets the strategy. No way is he allowing DF too much room. Do not forget that he was OC at Lehigh and Penn for years and now HC at Lehigh for quite awhile. He has a fantasy of rough/tough smash mouth football versus the finesse/passing oriented approach of Small, Higgins,and Lembo. The problem is that the profile of the players does not match up with his fantasy. He underutilizes receivers and allows the opposition to compress the field. Is it a surprise that the first and ten running plays off tackle get stuffed? Is it a shock that receivers cannot get open when passes are rarely downfield, play calling is “vanilla” and the playing area is compresses as though we are always in the red zone?
CCSU sniffed this out from the start and Lehigh barely won a game that a previous poster thought would be a laffer because of their “mucho inexperience”.
Again, this is all the stuff written about last year and that, along with the team getting knee capped at Yale, led to a very unpleasant season.