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Folmar must go,without doubt. I no longer can excuse his performance.
We were totally outclasssd by a much better team. Andy touting our fight us just anoying.
Folmar refuses to throw vertically. Nick’s arm. Well,seems not as he wouldn’t let Brad throw vertially. No adjustments to JMU’s dominance of LOS. Just more of the same ru.s up the gut. Hope A.dy is happy now that he has his smash mouth football.
Only attempt was WR screens and draws which were spectacularly unsuccessful. JMU was really that much better than us. Gotta outscheme them cause you aint gonna outplay them.
D Good God were they hapless. Front 6 actually not bad but back 5 were useless. No one back there can tackle. Credit to JMU backs but how many arm tackles did hey run through. All of them! Players often in position but couldn’t finish the tackle.
We will not face another of this talent this year.
We can win some of them but a wi.ning season seems rather remote right now.