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Really? A Dave Drum? :-).
Here is my point. Several years ago we had Pete Lembo as our head coach. He had recently won the Eddie Robinson Award as the best coach in FCS football. A few losses to Lafayette and a really over-zealous fan base got him “drummed” out of here.
He was 44-14 at Lehigh. At Elon, the program had gone 14-42 the five seasons before he arrived and he led them to a 35-22 record, including winning seasons in his last four seasons there. Lembo took over a Ball State program that was 6-18 the previous two seasons before he’d arrived. BSU went 6-6 in his debut season and has gone 19-7 over the next 2 seasons.
Lehigh played mediocre football during Andy’s 1st 4 seasons here as HC and an over-zealous fan base called for his ouster. Joe held his ground this time.and Andy went 39-9 over the next 4 seasons until last year’s bump in the road.
So far this season, we are 1-1. JMU may turn out to be an absolute juggernaut. Yet already, an over-zealus fan base is calling for an overhaul. I suppose we live in an instant gratification society.
And yet, Dave C needs to be given time to develop his program (I agree, he should) but perhaps the Peter Principle may kick in as OC and Dave wanted his shot at HC.
All I’m doing is preaching some patience and collecting more data. Enjoy the ride my friend. :-)