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Just being a bit tongue in cheek TMH. I was a Lembo guyas abrasi e as he was. I like Andy as our HC. Not jumping to dump him,which was my point. I have little confidence in Folmar however. Has shown little so far to bolster any faith in him.
Perhaps staff got a bit overconfident given the influx of superior talent. I dont know. Certainly the O plan was ineffective this week. Succeeded in getting yds and winning TOP but not scoring points. Various factors play into our performance. OL still missing 2 starters. Pass protection not great and little push to open holes for runs. Yet we kept wasting plays running up the gut.
Nick’s lack of time may partially acount for the lack of vertical passes.
Onto Penn. Think that will give us a clearer picture of who we are on O.
Botts has done a good job with new D scheme. Guys fly around and were mostly in position to make plays. Tackling by back 5 was very bad.