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Doc Qb

Rich, the WR corp is an example of where scholarships should give us some ‘players.’ Yes, Spads and drwal took a few years to develop, BUT Ryan broke out some his soph yr, right? And the full schollie should give us an ability to get a few more guys like that, who could contribute early, and not need all the growth time. If we had thkse kind if guys, they would be sophs and jrs now. I just dont see them. They didnt separate against CCSU or JMU, which is telling. Talent, scheme, or both? Each answer is bad.

I agree…no rubs, combo routes, delays, screens to RB, too many WR screens, no posts/flags (68,78 when I was around) or the option route from the slot guy, hitch/out/post to the house on a blitz (ala Cecchini or Klingerman).

Some of this is on Shaf, or maybe his instruction. He missed a guy over the middle in 1st quarter, took eyes of WR, saw blitz and tucked into a sack. When we made thise throws the defense paid, stopped blitzing, we stayed in the game. When Nick missed that first one, I kinda knew we were in trouble. Hit it early, look out.

Maybe we get it done against the remaining schedule. I’ll be there rootin’ like hell no matter what.