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It’s always difficult to admit and discuss the weaknesses of one’s favorite team. At the same time, we want to be VERY patient with the players. They just follow directions.

The coaching staff at consistently winning programs include professionals who can analyze and utilize talent correctly as needed, and sometimes ‘on the fly.’ They are the adults who lead the players out of any muck the team finds itself in. That includes, making adjustments in who plays, and what’s called, to match whatever challenge is thrown at them. It’s THIS versatility that keeps winning records going.

I’ve seen enough from Coen, and the adults he’s hired, to tell me THIS adult leadership team is substandard. THIS adult leadership team is mediocre, too predictable, especially on offense.

So, you say, we just don’t have the players? OK. Who offered them?

Unfortunately, other adults with better football ‘juice’ in their system, more zip in their step, are another year away.

Beat Lafayette.