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Sorry TMH if i hurt your feelings. Ive ben very good this offseason and preseason camp. I was waitng for this JMU to get a feel on the players and coaches. I’m so disgusted with our D coaches. Same blueprint as last yr. We had one of the WORST Ds in college football, and YOU STILL play the EXACT same players from last yr! Whos different in the starting lineup??? If its not the players then its the coaching, something or someone has to be changed. I guess if we go down to Penn this board will be on fire. Im not the one nauseating, its watching our D that has you upset. And if the D players are “in position” to make plays like you guys are saying but dont, they need to be replaced…..PERIOD. They ALL had a opportunity to play last yr and proved nothing. I talked to some JMU fans during the delay, they laughed at our O and said it was “pee wee” play calling at best, and they knew our pass coverage was terrible. I guess every other team knows this as well, but OUR coaches dont.

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