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No question we miss Coach K. He had a “Whitehead” persona about him and was a real defensive guru. Cecchini missed as well. I’d love to see him work with this group of QBs and receivers. Folmar was supposedly a great QB-D2 All-American, which is no slouch. He may be good at coaching QBs, but in terms of creative play creation, I don’t see it. I don’t see many crossing patterns, and the TE is virtually forgotten. We use the TE once or twice a game—and usually to great effect. But then forgotten. Why is a play that works great not used again, later? Like anything else, keep doing it or variations of it, until they show they can stop you. Sometimes I think coaches get ‘too cute’ and get into mind games with the opposing Coordinator. If your players are as talented as you say they are, then let’s do it.