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With Jones out expect wr’ll see a lot of Montgomery and Redmond. Penn is likely to be a passing team. One returning RB with about 400 some odd yds. All the top WRs graduated but Torgeson a pretty decent passer. Better for us ,w/o TC we are not much of a run stuffing DL.
holy, kind of annoying when you cherry pick bits and pieces of posts to build a rant vs a point that no one ever made. No one is blaming Shaf for anyhing. The sole point iswhy is O so vanilla. One explanation offered was insights into how ppl closdr to the program view Shaf. If so,it does xplain short passing game .Blocking shortfalls can offer an explanation for that and keeping TE in to blick. The only knock on Shaf is that at present he is 95% of our O. He wont last the season at that level. OC has to come up with successful options to lessen our reliance on him alone. I think O will expand vs lesser competition at Pen.n. Princeton returns 10 starters on D.
OL needs to settle down and open holes and pass blck
Nick has to avoid happy feet so he can pass deeper.
As was pointed out.and we all saw vs JMU, an O limitd to short passes can move down the field. Nick crisper and more accurate this yr. Also,we have way fewer drps by WRs. As field compresses,the advantage swings to the D on shorter field to stop an O like ours so far.
Nick has passed very well so far. He doesn’need to get better,hd nedds to be in a position to go deeper