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Wow you guys make some great points. I was at the game also and i 2nd the defense was playing well until those 3rd and long conversions. #26 gave up a long pass and I believe #1 also. I’m not gonna pick but if just seems like they just don’t compete out there. 1 play #26 got blocked so far out of bounds he was almost drinking there Gatorade on a bubble screen. #1 is a captain play this over in you guys head. To start the 3rd quarter we was driving and the whole team was up and the only player on the bench was #1… sitting alone. That’s our leader and team captain.. UMMMM, Play Montgomery and Redmond they competed in the spring game. I really believe the ready. Google Montgomery he was compared to Ed Reed by the Baltimore Sun paper. LMBO. Watched his film a pass break up demon. Cut them kids loose and lets Ball..