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So ngineer you think the cbs playing are ready for “prime time”??? Are they the best we got???? you think the guys on the two deep can do worse???? you mean they might actually bat the ball down or fight off a block, how about this…..make a tackle! I’m not assuming these D coaches know anything, not when you throw one of the worst passing Ds in the country from last yr BACK out there this yr and hope something different! We blamed the Dline last yr on they performance, the dline gave us PLENTY of 3rd and longs, they blew it AGAIN. Wake up and make changes with those two, one will be back his Sr yr, is his spot AUTOMATIC because he started last yr and this one…hope not. What do you have to do to get benched here at LU, im sure they surpassed all requirements. All i heard was good things about Montgomery……heck some say Redmond had the best camp of all DBs……PLEASE BEAT PENN! P.S. i like Shaf, coaches are gonna get him hurt