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Harris was hurt on the initial kick return.

After watching my first game of the year, I had no problem with the play calling. There was a good mix of pass and run. The FB was involved. I think the TE had a catch. Nick did a fine job going through his progressions and even extending plays. What is need now is the WR to recognize this and come back to the ball. Nick did a phenomenal job IMHO disguising hand offs. This may be more of a refection on me but I watched the wrong guy at least 6 times during the game :-).
I had this unexplained urge to go to the snack stand though every time the defense came on the field. Even when they were successful, I kept having this feeling that it could all blow up on the next play. Perhaps not having any idea what Penn would throw at us today was partly responsible and they were kinda funky but tackling is still terrible.
Last point. I may be the only one who cares about this but there was the same lack of emotion on the sideline as last year. Football is a game of emotion.