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My grades for the day:

Offense: B+ Would have been an A, but:

— The two failed runs on third or fourth and short were way too slow developing.

— I didn’t see any planned, successful throws downfield. Are Penn’s DBs really that good? Nick did pretty good job today. I’m spoiled by Lum expectations.

Liked what I saw in running game. Can’t complain too much about play calling this week. Much better, but … Where has Soccaras been for two years? Very impressive.

Special teams: A

— Raye-Redmond run was exciting. Hope to see more of him. Christiano has looked really good past two weeks.

— Mish looks like real deal. Can’t wait to see him on longer FGs. Devine good again.

Defense: C-

— Yielded 476 yards (Are we going to have to deal with this weekly — AGAIN?)

— Penn got only 21 points, but if we complain about our play calling, Penn’s was really bad today. First-game jitters?

— DBs smoked regularly; tackles missed regularly. Sadly — as others have pointed out, we trot the same guys out there each week an expect different results? Why not try some backup WRS at DB?

— Some good rushes on QB saved the day. Front seven inconsistent, but did not break; stepped up when it needed to.