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Sound familiar?

I’m not sure if you are referring to the play calling or the whining.
What intrigues me a bit is the irony. Colgate has had a history of grinding the ball up the middle behind a huge offensive line. Eachus eg would regularly have 25-30 carries a game. They were successful with it.
Lehigh has had a reputation of throwing the ball a lot with great effectiveness and they were successful with it.
Colgate hasn’t made the transition yet to match their personnel. In fact, they appear to be struggling to find their identity. They predominately ran against Navy and scored 10 points. They threw 41 times against New Hampshire and scored 8 points. They went back to running the ball against Yale and scored 4 TDs.
Lehigh on the other hand showed me a nice mix on Saturday, scoring 3 TDs on the ground and 3 in the air. Yardage was similar too. Still we complain :-). It must be the universal language of football fans.:-)