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Doc Qb

What is so exasperating to me is the inadequacy has touched so many aspects of our pogram. To me, recruiting has only marginally improved if at all. We are physically inferior to most everyone we faced this year. Our program height/weight listings have never been so inflated.

On defense, we’re small, have guys almost playing out of position by their size. Face it, Laub should be a LB, Caslow a SS or the new scheme’s rover, Robb a FS. Our corners are small, dont have impressive speed, and misplay a ton of balls. Look how many picks we dropped today, despite finally getting a few for a change. Even when improvements are seen and a few big plays made, our poor tackling (no one has been as bad as us at this all year) kills us.

We have flashes on O, but i am beginning to think UPenn was an aberration. Last week too many screens? LThis week, too many 3 step drop type slants from the gun. No deep outs. No deep posts. No changing to option route on blitzes. Socarras cant make a catch in traffic. He can only catch a five yard out when uncovered. Knott is not nearly as fast or talented as some on here believe. Troy hasnt been given any routes to try and separate, which is on Folmar. All of our WRs are the same, lanky guys without real speed. If they have it, Folmar is doing a great job of hiding it. And if we run that damn counter play the rest of the year i would implore RB corp to refuse to carry on it…its not been open all year, it gets blown up every time. Whenever we spread the wide outs wide, we run a screen to them. Any other pattern, they narrow their splits and bring the defense in, helping them. They not only tip off the D each time, they keep themselves from spreading the field and getting some separation. The no huddle-tempo-shotgun makes us looke multiple spread like, but we are pretty vanilla overall, and PU and Yale knew it.

We see flashes. Thats because we do have some talent. But the development of consistently playing at a high level comes from game plan and coaching. Putting your talent in a position to win. And our staff isnt doing their part here. Evidence? We’ve had the same posts here for a month and all of last year culminating in 150.

I know we’re not Alabama, and we shouldnt have those kind of expectations. But we have been better, can be better. Need to do something to right the ship.