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Again, this is 90% a coaching/athletic director/school administration problem. The football program at Lehigh is being allowed to die on the vine.

I’m certain the players are executing the best they can. But, here’s the key . . . .
they are following directions. They are participating in someone else’s design for winning. They are feeding off the emotion and drive of those who manage them, and the community atmosphere that surrounds them.

It ain’t working!

Let this coaching group finish out the season, then clean house. It’s failed miserably. This once proud program MUST be given a clean slate. That includes stadium upgrades, different uniforms, local publicity and mores serious marketing, particularly to students who have rejected the way they have been treated. The program can be returned to ‘national FCS’ status within 2 years.

These days, ‘same old, same old’ doesn’t work. Too many other ways to spend one’s time.

Sorry, but Lehigh administration dug this hole, it’s for the administration to create a way out. Stop making excuses and go to work!

By the way, been attending games for 55 years. THIS sucks!