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[quote=22341]I am convinced little improvement to the football program will come with the current roster of coaches making the decisions. I’m hopeful a total, or near total, new staff is brought in for 2016.

If you were AD . . . . .


If I were AD, Cecchini would have been hired as Head Coach in 2010. Coen was on thin ice back then too. Go back on this message board to page 65 or so and read some of the old threads. We are having the exact same conversations we had before Cecchini arrived. Only difference is our defense wasn’t putrid back then.

There is no improvement that can be expected from this staff. And I have zero faith that Coen can make the right hires to turn it around in the future. Sadly, I will secretly be hoping we lose the rest of our games and Sterett is forced to make the decision to move forward.