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People have to remember this is the PL and not the SEC, Big 14 or PAC 12. The purpose of football at PL schools is to provide a nice compliment as a great education and leadership experience. Everyone wants to win. Not everyone can win…all the time. As long as we are playing to win, striving to win and doing our best to win, that is what drives the decision on hiring and retaining coaches. Too many people have the mindset created from watching too much ESPN and seeing the pontificators talking about Saban, Miles, etc. and all the big programs that exist for making money. If you lose, you lose money. At the PL level, you lose money even when you win, so there is a different paradigm at work. A good football, basketball and in Lehigh’s unique environment, wrestling team provides our community with a sense of pride, connection and tradition. We need to keep that. To that end, Andy needs to honestly assess what is not working and address it. He as run a good, clean program and deserves the benefit of getting it fixed. He is one of the winningest coaches we’ve had and there may be some truth in fact that the winningest time was during Chick and Coach K’s time here. But Andy brought them here. Most coaches don’t make a career being OCs in small schools like Lehigh. I want to see the team go out to Bucknell and beat the crap out of the Bison. At the very least I want to seem them out there fired up and doing everything they can to win. With the PL season about to start, we need to assess once all the dust has settled.