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Perception #2
In this era of scholarships, only 2 PL teams have a winning record (yes there are growing pains). Fordham has been playing the schollie game for quite some time and in their initial stages, they sucked too. Bucknell is the other. They have only scored 20 points in 1 game (22 in regulation) but are 3-1. Something tells me, there is far less rancor about their offense than we are experiencing here. Amazing how a solid defense can make your offense look good.
BTW, Mayes will be a very good QB for Lehigh but he won’t do much to improve this team, this year. It is really difficult for a freshman QB to a run an offense for an entire game esp if he is a flat out thrower and our OL is not that adept at pass blocking. We need rel mobility i our QB.