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Boss I am neither ,but a FOOTBALL fan and LEHIGH fan .MAYBE you are MAYES father or Grandfather ??? Only putting my 2 cents in just like everyone else . I don’t see you going off on other people who comment and put the blame on the Lehigh QB .I NEVER BASHED MAYES until some comments were made that he WAS A REAL QB .I suppose the guys would made these comments must have seen him play or are they his RELATIVES ,ARE YOU one of his relatives ??? I guess it’s okay when other guys bitch about SHAF ,he runs to much ,he doesn’t stay in the pocket ,he misses open receivers and on and on .ARE these guys being PATHETIC ,I guess not ,not in your mind .How did I bash MAYES ??? By telling someone to look up his STATS when he played .If that PIST YOU OFF ,than MAYBE you are his FATHER or GRANDFATHER or his RELATIVE .WHICH one is it ???? What I don’t like is HOW people want to replace the QB who is one of the top QB’s in the PL that is my gripe and it will be until Shaf shows he should not be the starting QB .