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[quote=22404]MY POINT EXACTLY !!! Would NEVER go out of my way to DISRESPECT any player . It seems we live in an age when people can say anything they want ,but when they are called out for some comments that’s when you get angry comments and accusations .


Then you should have just stated your point. I would have agreed with you if you stated that point. With the OL performing like they are a more mobile QB is more beneficial and Shaf is getting it done. We agree on that.

But that’s not what you did though. You questioned why everyone was calling Mayes a real QB and suggested everyone go to his high school’s website to look at their record and for them to look at his stats and so on and so on. Wasn’t that you that told people to do that?

You can’t say that you would never disrespect a player after clearly doing just that. Again, like someone said previously, the players all read these posts.