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Boss I did NOT !! Sorry ,but when a comment is made and capitalized ,WE NEED a REAL QB ,is that not a SNIDE remark about the current QB .IS the guy making this comment saying the Lehigh QB is not any good at being a QB .Boss ,like you stated the PLAYERS read this blog ,how would you take that remark if you were a player .As for telling EVERYBODY to check Mayes stats ,I did not !! My comment was for the person who made the snide remark about a REAL QB ,for him to check the stats if other guys felt like they wanted to check that was up to them .I also did not refer to the size or to what level of play his school played in FL .I will ADMIT that I may go overboard in defending the Lehigh QB ,but in MY opinion ,he is doing the very best that can be done with the play calling by the OC .Shaf has been one of the leading QB’s for a year and a half ,in passing and rushing .Maybe you forgot but I am sure he was forced into playing as a FR. and never given time to really learn college football .