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objective observer

If you are close to football you would understand besides the quarterback position the hardest areas to recruit players are Offensive Lineman, Defensive Lineman, and a shut down corner

Look at the NFL draft- in the first ten picks these guys are now being chosen- when I was a kid it was the running back- your lucky to see a running back go in the first 20 picks

Football is an evolving game- lineman are the hardest positions to recruit- ask Penn State

ask any college coach- some big colleges will recruit 8 lineman and be lucky if two turn out to be good- go to past recruiting years for some of the larger schools that have 25 scholarships a year- you will see that I am correct on my statements

It isn’t anyone fault- of losing- it is what do we need to do to start winning

If you ever coached two things are nearly impossible to coach that is aggressiveness- either you have or not- and motivation —- finding what makes a player tick!