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I’d like to see how many of these football players are really getting 2300 on their SATs. Based on their majors and colleges– and the university average — my guess is they’re somewhat lower.

(Our football team is far from all engineers; another thread has an analysis of majors)

I’m not aware of too many academic merit schollies at LU.

The bulk of aid is for financial need. That’s where the PL (and Ivies) have a problem compared with state schools that have lower tuition.

If your family is making $125k a year and your kid gets a half-schollie (say $25k), you’re still looking at forking out $15k to $20k a year at least, I’d guess, even with financial aid (including loans, which come first). The real cost of sending your kid to college far exceeds tuition, room and board, etc.

And if you’re from more than a few hours away, you’re looking at added expenses for getting home. Many parents of athletes have been to every game their kid has played, and those expenses add up.