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D certainly got worn out after playing great early. Early on, good strategy to stop FU QB from taking off and decent pass coverage, but D could not stop record-setting, big-play day by Edmonds. Is he really that good? I wonder if anyone has ever run for almost 350 yards vs. LU

Mayes showed he has the tools, made some great plays, but also displayed inexperience. Couple of key drops, underthrown passes hurt.

Too many costly mistakes across the board.

Good news is LU really was competitive against FU, and came back well.

Too bad about Nick, whatever the issue was. Any remaining Nick naysayers should have seen today the value he brings his team when he’s in there. (Don’t take that as criticism of Mayes; it’s not.).

Other than late second and most of third quarter O play calling, I thought it was good. Looked like O was trying to be conservative to ease Mayes into O. Can’t get away with that against the FU offensive juggernaut.