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For discussion purposes only: :-)
How much influence does the HC have on the individual units?
Hank Small was obviously and offensive guy and we had the worst defense in the PL. His defensive coordinator then succeeds him and with Bottiglieri as DC, the defense improves greatly.
Cecchini and Kotulski each had significant results as coordinators. Coach K moves on to HC at Holy Cross and although they haven’t been a real threat to win the PL, they have thrown 2 shutouts this year. Coach C moves to Valparaiso which continues to struggle but notably they are giving up about 45 ppg if you throw out their thrashing of The College of Faith.
Andy C has always been on the offensive side of the ball as a coach. Our offense has consistently played well but like the Small years, the defense is struggling.
Does the HC typically put the most emphasis on the side of the ball that favors his background?