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so close yet so far away. If we had continued to run the ball with our best RB #32 and not panicked after the half, maybe be win,maybe not. Brags should have run the ball 30 times.(Camasta injury hurt here) 17 points off TOs hurt us as did some questionable/ bad officiating. What was positive was the effort and desire to come back. We cut it to 10 and just needed one stop.As the game went on Mayes got more comfortable and looked like a guy that can lead this team in the future. Posters bitch about the pass D,but held Sunshine in check. The front 6-7,not the pass D was not good. Buddy, glad you didn’t make the trip, you and the other 2 stooges should move on and stop complaining. Find a hobby with lg and buck and play Russian roulette.