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Arm strength.
BB probably most accurate pure passer we’ve had. Not a big arm by any measure. Chris ,porobably my favorite QB among all the great ones we’ve had. A good arm and an excellent reader. But,not quite as strong an arm as Brad. For deep passes alone a lot of other nsmes can slidd in before either BB or Chris. Brunner,McQuilken,Harris,Stambaugh et al.
Pretty much agree with your comparisons of QBs. Brad has a much hivhdf upside than Nick. But,Nick is not as limited az Clark,Colvin or himself as a frosh. A big arm is nice but not essential to being a very good QB. It may well be that Brad will progress fast and far dnuf hat he should be the starter next year. Hell,if O is getting in runs ,put him in and open th fidld and let WRs get deep.

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