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CS injury could be a blessing is disguise. I think most people thought he wasn’t really ready. So, gives him a year to develop (build up his body), and retains 4 years of eligibility. Leaves us super thin up front, but at least we have 3 legit big bodies. We have to fill 80 minutes at the 4 and the 5, and we have 3 guys to cover those minutes. I think, by necessity, JG, TK and JC have to play 30 minutes a night on this team. TK and JG may need to play 33+ minutes. They really can’t foul anybody, or we are going to be in real trouble.

Going to need JRG to play minutes. At 6’4″ with his leaping ability, maybe he gives you some rebounding. And, desperately need MH to play soon.

I’ve seen nothing from Carter since he got to campus, but now he should be healthy. He is 18-24 months post injury? Hopefully, he can give us significant minutes. Is he a slasher or a shooter? Can he defend on the perimeter? He looked a step slow pre-injury.