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I think Harvey’s a junior.

My first game in person and I agree with everyone’s assessments on D. Two guys got lit up often. Unless something changes, we’re looking at giving up 500+ yards this week.

Two thoughts I’ve not seen addressed by others:

1) DEFENSE: As down as I’ve been on the D, I was really impressed by the DL and LBs — especially in the first half. Huge improvement! Lots of sacks for a change. The secondary is, to put it nicely, challenged.

2) OFFENSE: Two things:

I love how Mayes threads the needle with a strong arm. Shaf is a great complement, with his running ability. (Like having Hall and Ciannello again?)

Was Trey Brown calling the plays in the second half? How do you go in leading 24-7 and get outscored 21-9 in second half?

Nine points on offense — in a half — after scoring 24 in the first half?

I’d argue the O got too vanilla in the second half. Why? To make it easy for Mayes — don’t challenge him? Because G-town adjusted to our running game?

Where were the first-down passes? The plays that Mayes, the OL and WRs were amazing on in the first half?

You can’t go up by three scores and, relatively speaking, sit on a lead — especially with a defense that now ranks 103 of 123 FCS teams in Total Defense (450.9 ypg). The good news is Lafayette is ranked 109th.

You’ve got to be creative/shifty every time you have the ball, and score mercilessly.