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DB is the toughest position on the field. You are on an island and have to have a 6th sense as to where the ball is going. The CB has to ‘peek’ into the backfield while watching the WR to come up on the run. Being able to ‘read the eyes’ of the WR is tough to learn. Running full-tilt with the WR and yet trying to keep the body under control so as to not interfere. The WR knows where his is going, as does the QB. IF their timing in “on”, the DB has very little chance to INT or BU. You hope the pass is off. You must make sure the WR does not get behind. Some of my biggest concerns is not allowing the completion, but the bad tackling that allows way too many YACs. The biggest aid to the DB is a great pass rush. A hurried pass is usually primed for INT.