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It may be interesting to see how the staff handles the Mayes-Shafnisky situation over the next 2 games. This game may be quite different than the last 2 for 2 reasons. Georgetown and Holy Cross are both near the bottom in sacks in the PL. Colgate is #2 with 50% more than either of the last 2 opponents. Fordham is #1 and Mayes threw 3 picks in a half. Secondly, the weather has been near perfect for the last 2 games. The prediction for Saturday is a high of 41 with snow showers in the morning and 10-20 mph winds. Not exactly ideal conditions for a freshman from the Tampa area.
As for Lafayette, Shafnisky had a similar freshman debut 2 years ago, leading the team to two wins just prior to the big game. Instead Coen elected to go with the more experienced McHale.
IMO, just something to look for in the next couple of games.