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I respect your opinions and am happy when you nicely critique other folks’ comments — including mine.

MY JOB: I get bashed every day — sometimes in public — mistakes or not. It’s a good incentive to do my job well. I’d expect most full-time coaches have thick skin. They’re feeding their families with their (nonunion) jobs.

It’s called accountability — the thing most of us in America deal with. You don’t produce and you’re out — OUT.

To me, it all goes back to the basics of recruiting. If you recruit good athletes who can play football, are coachable, ethical and trustworthy (they’re going to follow your directions) and you, as a coach, are a good leader, football coach and judge of talent (on and off field), you are going to win.


It’s not much different than hiring young people to work for you — other than you can’t just fire them, at least not right away. Then again, most of us hiring teenagers are not hiring kids with the academic qualities demanded of a Lehigh applicant.
Amen!👍 Perfectly said.