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Maybe I’ve got my rose-colored glasses on, but I’m not at all discouraged by last night’s loss. We had concerns about offense, and shooting specifically, after the ‘cuse loss. Last night we put up 89 pts, at 1.24 pts/possession, while two of our primary contributors were very limited by foul trouble. We shot 46.6% from the floor, and 48.1% from three.
We were the best defensive team in the PL last year, and held a fast-paced high-scoring Canisius to 42.4% and 36.7%, including 33.3% and 28.6% in the first half.
TK and JG played a combined 38 minutes. That is brutal. That hurt badly on D and on the glass, and we were still right in that game – tied with 2 mins left. This was a road game that KenPom had us projected to lose.
The foul situation is worrisome – but I believe every team in the nation will have at least one early game like that. The officiating changes are a BIG deal, and the impact was obvious. 51 combined PFs!! The offensive foul on TK at the end of the game unquestionably changed the game, and it was sketchy. I’m going to go back and review the NCAA guidance video again, and compare it to that call. As of now, I think it was crap. With our frontcourt depth trouble, this will be something that we will need to adjust to.
The game vs. Yale will be a very good indicator, I think. We need to win our home games, and this should be another very competitive matchup. I hope to see JG and KR return to form, and lessons learned re: new foul rules.