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I didn’t have the same reaction re: the defense. I’ll watch it again; it’s hard (impossible?) for me to be objective/analytical when i’m still rooting and the game is in question.
Regarding pace, I have two points here. First, at our level of basketball, I think we have to be able to play at a variety of paces. We’re not, and never will be, VCU and run wide-open all night. I suppose we could consciously play slow in the half-court set, a la Princeton, but I wouldn’t want to see that either. With the offensive efficiency, I just don’t have a complaint. Again, if a team presses, pace will go up. Unless you completely destroy the press, in which case they’ll give it up. And with our difficulties in-bounding, that wasn’t gonna happen.
Second point on pace – I don’t think it was that high in this game. KenPom has the pace at 72 – right on national average so far; I believe that’s based on the number of possessions. Scoring was high because shooting was good.
I’m leaning the same way re: KL, too 90. I do think I saw some defensive lapses – lost his man or got too far way. But again, I’ll have to re-watch. If that is the case, that would explain why DC has earned the spot. I definitely think defense earns minutes at LU.