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[quote=23899]Looking for some information on his status. Some things don’t add up. He is listed on the roster on the website, but according to many not currently enrolled at Lehigh. How is this possible?

Presumably with an ACL tear, he is out for the season. Has he been granted a medical redshirt?

Is he enrolling in the second semester? Is he transferring away from Lehigh as some have speculated?

Anything on him?


For a PL athlete to get a medical hardship waiver (not a redshirt, which is something else), he must meet two tests: (a) injury/illness that puts them out for the year in the first part of the season; and (b) an academic reason to need to stay in school more than eight semesters. With a torn ACL, the first part will be a no-brainer when filed. The second part is not a high hurdle either, and I presume he and LU will create something.

As for the timing, these requests are only reviewed by the league twice a year (mid-fall and mid-spring). But there is no real hurry in his case and no deadline. They could wait and apply in the fall of his fourth season if they wanted to.