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Depending on what we want to be, defensive front seven has to be top priority IMO. We lose Laub, Robb, Kondas, probably DJ Bourgeois, probably Greg Palma, possibly TJ Stubbs and other depth in that area. Also, if we stay with the 3-3-5 we clearly need depth at Rover. I’d say priority goes to DL, then LB.

Another place where we need depth is, oddly enough, safety. We have some good cover corners and plenty of depth there but at safety we were thin.

OL will need to have some more names plugged in as well to replace Ford and Cohen, but more importantly we need some more bodies to form the line of the future there. There will be at least 3 seniors on the O line next season.

We are set at QB. RB can always use depth, always can use a good WR. Also need a P/K with the graduation of Devine. We’ll enter the spring with Mish as PK and Gage Wilson as the P. Wilson will have the chance to ear the starting role, but a freshman could come in and challenge him.

I’d say needs are 1. DL 2. DB 3. OL. Perhaps replace 2) or 3) with LB. Not sure.