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This is my report on Lafayette after watching them play against Princeton at Jadwin. In a nutshell, Lafayette is bad, really bad. They are pretty devoid of talent at the moment. They have a few decent players. Lindner is a solid PG, quick to the basket, but he has not progressed much since his freshman year. Jump shot unreliable. He drives it hard to rim but struggles to finish due to his small size. Bryce Scott is decent stand still jump shooter. He has no game off dribble. Monty Boykins has really improved. May be most improved player in league. Gets into paint and can finish in traffic. Good athlete. Then, you have their power guy in Matt Klinewski. Tough, not overly talented, but solid. Outside of those 4, nothing else and those 4 are not elite in any way.
Princeton flat out destroyed them by 50+. Game was over 10 minutes in and Princeton led by 30+ in first half, pushed to 40 early in second half. Lafayette defends very poorly and are just unathletic. The struggle to get anything easy on the offensive end. Really down from 2-3 years ago. No presence in paint, other than undersized Klinewski.
I was very impressed by Princeton. They are on the upswing. Lot of talent, really get after it on the defensive end, good size, and very good shooting team. Good team. They will be good in Ivy. Saw a lot of guys Lehigh recruited that would have really helped. On Princeton, Pete Miller, Spencer Weisz, and Boykins on Leopards. We could use those 3.
Lafayette will be a bottom feeder in PL this year.