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I watched the Sienna-Bucky game, and it was a very good game and fun to watch. They both looked like good teams, to me.
The Bison didn’t shoot exceptionally well – only 23% from three – but got the job done in other ways. Everyone they play can put the ball in the basket efficiently. They got to the line a LOT – box shows 33 FTAs. Their size will definitely be a problem. With 7 guys on their roster listed at 6’7″+, they always have 2 true bigs on the floor, and Hass plays bigger than his listed 6’5″ imo. He can score in a lot of ways, and will be a very tough matchup. I fully expect that they will usually shoot significantly better than they did in this game, too.
Foulland will cause major trouble on defense if we go straight at him. I’d see our feast of Spalding Sandwiches continuing. However, I don’t think he moves his feet really well, and can get caught out of position. I think a key will be interior passing to make him move and help.