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Yes! I really enjoyed it – a good contest the whole way through. Mid-second half I thought you guys might pull it out!
Hass was fantastic. Seemed to me that NC St. gave him extra attention late in the game to limit his good looks, and he also probably got tired. But I was really impressed. I knew that he’s good, but he looked like the best player in PL right now. Surely he’ll have up and down nights, but he’ll always be dangerous. Obviously a great shooter, but his length and surprising athleticism make him scary.
I thought Nana showed some solid offense when you could get him the ball down low, but NC St. made that very difficult. Several times I remember seeing him come out much further than he’d like to – near the 3-pt line on the baseline. Thomas had a strong game – I didn’t realize how good until I saw the box. Sneaky good.
NC St.’s D made things pretty miserable inside, but that’s to be expected in this kind of match-up, IMO. And you guys put up a pile of points anyway. I thought you guys were pretty disruptive on defense too; made them work to get the ball inside.
I didn’t know anything about Cat Barber ahead of time, and he really impressed me. He was dangerous everywhere on offense, and would be difficult for anyone to shut down, I think. Foul trouble limited him in the first half, which was a good thing.
The only criticism that stuck with me: it felt like the wrong guys were taking long jumpers at times, in the first half in particular. MacLeay was one offender, I think. But in the end, you can’t argue with 51.6% and 48.1% from 3, particularly against an ACC power.