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The university offers (even requires, at times — far more than years ago) lots of other education on social stuff to students, too.

Two thoughts:

1) I do not recall alcohol being connected to this incident, but …

There is research out — not sure how much the new “Concussion” film will get into it — that shows how devastating combinations of alcohol and concussions can be in people under 25.

While that has nothing to do with this incident — that we know of — it is known more now than ever that alcohol and contact sports do not mix (particularly among folks less than 25, where brains are still developing).

I wish I had known the magnitude of this when I was younger.

2) While it’s easy for us old folks to talk about this, persuading a teenager to consistently make good, instant decisions connected to the dangers of alcohol and other risky behavior is another story.

Sorry to blabber on.