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I looked at the Pomeroy article, but unfortunately ESPN no longer shows his list of teams with the biggest home court advantage. He says his research indicates that ” there are four things that give the road team a disadvantage: altitude, travel, unfamiliarity with the surroundings and hostile fans. Based on this study, I also think that’s their order of importance.”

For the years in his study, the team with the biggest home court advantage was Utah Valley State.

Since I posted, I looked at four more years of PL league data, and it confirms that there is definitely a significant home court advantage in the PL. For the four years, this is the record of the home teams:

2013: 33-23
2012: 31-25
2011: 32-24
2010: 38-18

TOTAL: 134-90

Combining the above with the 2014-15 results, the overall six-year home court W-L record is 238-166 (59%), as opposed to the expected 50% if there were no home court advantage.

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