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You knew this would be different when you saw the starting lineup, though I wasn’t sure if it would be good different or bad different. Then one of the most fun games I’ve been too in a long time.

Super happy to see JRG and TJ play key roles. JRG (6’4″) in particular, played 32 very tough minutes underneath against 6’7″, 6’8″, 6’9″ and 7′ and was the game’s leading rebounder (8). This has to add to their confidence and their minutes going forward. DC hit some key 3’s early. 13 minutes as a sniper may be his best role. KR and AP were terrific as well and didn’t force the action despite TK’s absence. KL generally steady through out. JG solid minutes as well with 3 key offensive rebounds. JC, the enigma, fouled out with 1 rebound in 23 minutes.

As to the difficulties inbounding, they pressed the entire game. High octane game most of the way. And with only seven in the rotation we seemed to gas just a bit midway through the second half. Then got a second wind at the end. All in all a great game to build on for the rest of this very different than expected season.

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