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While it was nice to score 76 points the last time out and connect on over half our fg attempts, I’m afraid that won’t be enough tonight. Our weakness showed thru in that game, as well, managing to pull down just 28 boards. Do that tonight and we’re doomed. SB holds a 9.6 rpg advantage over their opponents and averages 42.1 boards per game. What’s more, while playing “D” they give up just 21% of the boards. That puts them at 41st best in the nation. Yeah, it was fun to see JRG, DC and the others have their fun against MSM, but the focus had better turn quick to board work tonight if we stand a chance of posting back-to-back wins.

jimk72, sorry about tonight. I’ll catch you instead at the Army game. Look forward to it. Section 4, Roww EE. Brown and White attire for sure.