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Agree on D. Been fanting about D for 3 yrs without any improvement. Perhaps part of his past season was players and coaches unfamiliarity withe scheme. I hope so but dont really believe that is the total answer. Thete were injuries that hurt our backend a good bit forcing players on the field not yet ready. True enough but again not he whole answer. Staff also played a very large role. Understand it is not easy to coach a scheme you also are learning. But,as we all saw the D showed little improvement thru the season. Thete were flashes and a few quarters of good D. Nota single whole game. Big plays killed us two yrs ago and again last yr. DC showed little aptitude in calling this scheme. Is the answer canning them all and starting all over or give them another year. I dont know but without change dont expect this D to become a good one. If we are very lucky maybe we’ll get a somewhat consistent mediochre D,which could give us a winning season but not much else.