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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

[quote=24546]Agree owl. Our expectation should be a playoff team . O can certainly do that with all the ifs we have recounted numerous times. Bottom line D lost us games this year. If they can just not lose us games next,regardless of stats,we will be very good.


The defense must improve. I think the expectations should be based on the belief that it will be. Otherwise, the HC has simply no excuse for what would be 3-4 years of failures on that side of the ball.

The OOC is very solid but not daunting. After the last two years it’s time for payback against Yale and Princeton. Monmouth is good but that’s a game you need to win at home to start the year. It really should come down to the Big 5 schools. Penn and Villanova have the potential to be damn good. Go 1-1 in those two games and people will take notice. Go 2-0 and Lehigh could be a Top 15 team heading into league play.

Fordham and Colgate visit Goodman. The toughest league road game would appear to be HC. It’s time to smack around Bucknell, Georgetown and Lafayette again…..

One saving grace is that Fordham’s defense was arguably just as bad as Lehigh’s. Holy Cross’s was not much better. Even Colgate’s defense was average which this year was more than good enough.

My early guess at the league..
1. Colgate
2. Lehigh
3. Holy Cross
4. Fordham
5. Bucknell
6. Georgetown
7. Lafayette