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Hard to make a call on this one. I’m surprised Pomeroy has it as only a 2 point game. Thought Army would be a bigger favorite. That gives me some hope, as that guy is usually right on the number.

Army raced out to a really strong start and now sit at 9-3, but they have beaten a load of garbage. There are only two meaningful barometer games to me, so far, in their schedule. I throw out losses to GW, Tennessee, which were no surprise. Third loss at home to a pretty soft Marist squad was surprising, that was my first head scratcher. But, the game that got my attention was Army’s win on Monday vs. a really strong Monmouth squad. Head scratcher number two.

So, really eager to see how this plays out, assuming Timmy suits up. A win shows maybe we are a PL factor.

For me, game comes down to one thing, how well do we defend the 3 point line on the perimeter. You know Army is going to bomb away (excuse the pun) from 3 with Wilson and Plomb taking about 20 3 pointers per game, and hitting about 40%. If we take away or limit that, I like our chances. If they get good open looks, we are done, and it might get ugly.