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Have to agree with you 90, where’s the love or at least the chatter after a big win.

What’s not to like about the LU effort? Thrilled we came out not ready not o concede home court and showed a +10 dominance on the boards. We got key contributions from the bench in what seemed to be critical moments during the game (DC’s 2 buckets and JG’s 6 boards). Reed’s substitution pattern was right-on, affording what looked to be just the right amount of rest to the starting 5 at just the right times. With all the talk – justifiable as it is – of KL’s hot 2-game start and the deft assist work of KR, you have to appreciate the steady/quiet leadership of AP who again gave you 16-17 pts in 33-37 minutes. Money in the bank. TK is a warrior and ready to lay claim to the top spot in the league. Worries include: JG’s shooting (looks to have lost his touch) and the short bench with resulting wear and tear on top line players (2-game minute split between starters and back-ups = 77%/23%)…..undoubtedly tops in the league.