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I get a kick out of reading these suggestions for upgrading Goodman and Stabler. No one has mentioned where the money is coming from. While I see the advantages for a video board, having some monster sized board for a stadium of 16,000 doesn’t make sense. While it may bring more interest from the students, I don’t see

    ticket paying customers

increasing in droves because of a video board.
The bathrooms at Goodman are the finest around. Even heated!
It all comes down to money. Lehigh aint shelling out millions of dollars for ‘trappings’. You need a sugar-daddy for that stuff. Functionally, a better sound system would be nice now that we have an announcer with good diction. But with dropping attendance, nationwide, beacause of many cultural changes, I don’t see huge capital expenditures without a major outside contributor.
Stabler needs an upgrade, but in my view, it is quite functional for what we need. The main upgrade in my view is the need for a better scoreboard/video board suspended over center court. Perhaps, there is not enough structural support from the roof, so not sure if that can be rectified.
As for Grace, yes, the obstructed seats in the lower part of the upper level is a problem and a shame. However, you cannot modify Grace. Not with that stone structure. We live with the quirks. It is an historic venue that kids dream of wrestling in. Possible consider chairbacks, at least for the lower level. The attending population is senior laden.
Bottom line is that we have champagne tastes and beer wallets.