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It shouldn’t be any surprise to this board the Goldy had become one of my favorite LU players. Coming into this season, I would have made the argument that given different circumstances he might have evolved into an all-PL player. Last year he started 22/30 games and shot a fantastic .581 from the floor.
I honestly can’t figure out what has happened. Trying to remove any personal feelings, I think it’s got to be one of two things. Either something went wrong in the off-season – whether that’s an injury, conditioning, commitment, or something else. We heard unconfirmed rumors of a preseason ankle injury. I can only say that he doesn’t look hurt when on the floor.
The other possibility is that losing the starting spot did him some damage. Maybe that’s an ego/confidence blow, or maybe it’s the inability to get the feel/rhythm that comes with floor time.
Feels like a chicken-or-egg scenario to me. I would love to know why he is not starting at the 4 this year, but doubt that I ever will. It’s not like the front-line depth changed dramatically. We only lost CB, and he was very limited with injuries last year. And we added no post-players.
Did staff believe we needed another 3-pt shooter on the floor? With our 2-pt struggles this year, that seems unlikely. Even moreso now that KL has proven to be an effective scorer.
For what it’s worth – puzzling observations from last night: In the second half, we took a total of two 3 pointers, both by KR. That means none from AP, KL, or JC. Then why not play another paint player?
I’m really struggling to understand our vision or identity for the offense.